The Side Plan

Your market still needs help #Chaospreneur

March 25, 2020 Fran Canete Episode 13
The Side Plan
Your market still needs help #Chaospreneur
Show Notes

Welcome to another special episode of The Side Plan on this Chaospreneur daily series.

If you are new, I am sharing my learnings, miseries and small victories through the process of being an entrepreneur in times of chaos

Your market still needs your help

  1. The feeling that we all entrepreneurs have right now from the market is that everything has frozen.
  2. Some industries are going to be idle for a while.
  3. You can pivot your business and adapt your offerings to new channels like online.

Not everybody has been affected the same way.

  1. Maybe you need to pivot your business to a new type of business or client.
  2. Develop new ways to deliver your value to your client base.

Do not lower your rates

  1. Sounds tempting but this is just a temporary solution to keep some of your clients around in the short term.
  2. You can be flexible in the way that you charge your clients.

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