The Side Plan

How to rank your LinkedIn Social Selling Index to the top 1%

July 16, 2020 Fran Canete Episode 19
The Side Plan
How to rank your LinkedIn Social Selling Index to the top 1%
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LinkedIn is all about authority, credibility, and building relationships.

This week I am bringing to you a podcast episode focused on how to boost your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn.

Let’s be honest.

Did you really know there was such a thing? Did you know that LinkedIn has a Social Selling Index that measures your activity, and therefore your chances of successful selling on LinkedIn?

I’ll show you first how to check your SSI to discover which areas you should pay special attention to.

Also, I have a full step-by-step guide to help you improve your score that you can download from here.

You can find the links and download the guide from the episode's show notes.

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Speaker 1:

Linkedin is the number one social network in which you should be focusing your content marketing efforts in 2019 and here is way over 600 million users are on linkedin today and 260 million linkedin users are logging in each month. 40% of only active users use linkedin daily. This and much more show than linkedin is a huge opportunity for you, your business and your content promotion key people in the industry like Gary Byner check has say the Linkedin is the place to be in 2019 and I'm gonna show you in this episode how to create a Linkedin content strategy that brings you to the top of your industry and generate lots of business opportunities. Hey, this is frank Annettee and you're listening the content way.

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Welcome to the content way podcast. Here you will learn how to create content to build a remarkable business. The place for online entrepreneurs that believe in a different way to build a business. And now here is your host Fran Canete.

Speaker 1:

Linkedin is all about authority, credibility and building relationships, but the truth is few people pay attention to those things, not at least in the right way. And let's be honest, linkedin is not an easy social network to understand. I've said that linkedin is about authority credibility and building relationships, but if you think about it or personal relationships are base on the same fundamentals. Let's think in the context of a networking event. We've all been there. People coming in and out, talking in a small groups, exchanging business cards, shaking hands, and so on. A networking event shouldn't be a place to make sales, but it plays together great contacts to expand your business in different ways. The thing is people often leave a networking event with a bunch of business cards and engage with nobody. We all think, oh well, I can contact those people anytime because I have their contact details. We rarely do that and if we do, they have to make an effort to remember your face. On the other hand, the ideal situation is when everybody has engaged with you and he's ready and willing to do business with you. After the event, but let me tell you something. Linkedin has a secret feature that can help you leverage your network, not offline, but in linkedin. It's true . Linkedin reads all your activity and calculates your social selling index. In other words, Linkedin is telling you why you are not engaging the way you will like to and girls you the key areas where you need to improve. Linkedin is a massive network event running 24 seven open to a global audience. In this episode, I'll tell you how to check your social selling index and more important what the key factors you need to focus on to improve it. So did you know your linkedin social selling index? Let's be honest. Did you know the linkedin has a social selling Inglis the measures your activity and therefore your chances of successful selling on linkedin. I want you to check your linkedin social selling index. You can find the railing on the show notes. You can find the link in the description where you first going to see there is a number, there is a number from zero to 100 and that's measuring your social selling index. This is basically how well you are ranked in your network. If you're lucky, you will be in the top 1% of your industry. If not, you have a lot to them . The less Korean, your social selling index and now you know yours gives you two important insights. First, how people in your industry are doing it and second, your relative position in your network. This is very important because it puts your linkedin social selling index in context and gives you a Galen for improvement. Now let's take a quick look at the four factors the linkedin says can improve your social selling index score, establish your professional brand, optimizing your linkedin profile. May sound basic, but this is one of the nerves , important things to improve. I have seed the thousand dames , but I'll say again, linkedin is not an online CV and if you are treating it like one, you'll never get the most out of this social network. I have a whole online course dedicated to explaining to my customers how to optimize their linkedin profile for a reason. As a quick, deep , I'll tell you that you need to focus and pay special attention to your headline summary and experience sections. The bear's way to create a compelling linkedin profile that connects and engages your target audience is to do it with the customer in mind. This is not about you, I'm sorry, but this is not the place to brag about you. This is where you explain to potential clans or recruiters or colleagues or business partners the unique value you can deliver to them. The next step is finding the right people, connecting with key people and generating real opportunities is the essence of linkedin. The first thing to do to find your target profiles is to use the main search or the advanced search. In sales navigator, you have the chance. The key thing here is to use linkedin regularly searching and filter your target audience to find exactly the people that you want to find. Let's say that you are interested to find CEOs in marketing industry. You can filter that and you can save the search and I suggest you every single month, every week. If you can go back to that search and check new connections, send your requests and send something valuable to them. Increasing your network is essential on Linkedin, especially these days because that people is going to be part of your network. So when you share a new piece of content that people will have your content in their feed , the next step is finding the right people and this is very important for a few reasons. First, once you add somebody to your network, the next time that you share your content that people is going to see your content on their feet. And this is great, but not use this. When you are a new person to your network, older connections become your second degree connection because it's choose one person between you and them. In other words, you can send a connection request to all your connections network. And this is powerful because the way you increase your network, you arrange to send connection requests increases exponentially. And this is your number one priority in Linkedin, especially if you are starting with your content strategy on this network, building your network, increasing your target audience. So this way you can continue sharing your content and expanding more and more your network. Now let's take a look to the next step.

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of course. The next step is your content strategy. This is very important in linkedin these days. Every single time you interact with your connections. For example, by sending an invitation, request, commenting and group pose or sharing an article, you share your insights, the perception of dosing insights from your Nell or represent your credibility and authority and therefore affects your engagement. That's aid . Being attention to join sides is extremely important. If you want to build a longterm relationship with your connections, if you share relevant content, you'll become a trusted source. You can find lots of content on the Internet, but let's be honest, most of the content is not worth reading. If you can curate or even create or regional content that brings high quality value to your network, you will be seen as a trusted source. You will, you will deliver information or freedom in a crowded and noisy world. Linkedin groups is an fantastic place to share your content. I suggest that you create what I call a group of folio and you start using it to share your most brilliant content and interact with all the members. You can boost your engagement and credibility by creating allocution on linkedin groups. Choose an interest in topic, craft the question and ask to the other members to share their opinions. I did that a few times and you can get lots of comments and every time you have common, linkedin loves that and they will post your post to the first position. Now I want to tell you about how to connect and build relationships. It's actually very simple. You just need to focus on three main things, invitations, introductions, and interactions. Let's start from the beginning. Next time you send an invitation and you should be certain . I want you to personalize your invitation message. This has as well a positive embark on your linkedin social selling index. Now they use a default message on an invitation requests . So before sending your next invitation, go to the option, add a note and write your customized invitation. It should always include their name and the main reason why you want to connect introductions are the most powerful way to reach new profiles that you don't know. Let me tell you how this works on Linkedin. Let's suppose that you want to contact Tom but he is a second degree connection so you cannot send a direct message to him. What you can do is check the common connections that you share with them. You can find that just at the bottom of every profile. Once you have a relation of those contacts that you share with them or any other contact, you can click one by one and go to their profiles. Now you know all the people they can introduce you to Tom. As you can see improving your linkedin. Social selling index is not rocket science. It's just mixing a few concepts. Are they in some high value content to your connections, sending connections to the right people and then interacting with those connections is very simple. You need to take her. Of the people that you are inviting to connect to your network, is that just a collections of followers like Twitter or something like that? Linkedin lots . When you interact with other people's , even if you send direct messages that you recommend people, if you indoors his skills of other people's in your profile and these translates to when somebody is looking for an accountant, a marketing professional, a CEO in any industry. In other words, what they're finding for profiles like you and you want to be found. The better that you do would you linkedin, social selling index, the better results that you will get and this is very simple. You want to be found by the right people and then start connections with them to get some business. This is everything for this week's I hope you enjoy and if you want more content, you have a link in the description. In this episode you can go to the show notes where I am adding a lot of information about how to improve your linkedin social selling index, including an a step by step guide that I made for you. Thank you for listening and see you next time.